Thoughts About The Future

Thoughts about the future

This page seeks to help you find the answers to questions you may have asked yourself about your future, Superannuation, taxation, and so on.

The following questions from website visitors and our answers may help you choose the right financial adviser for your needs. We will continue to add to this page as we come across questions from clients, and website visitors.

Thoughts about Super

Q: How do I know my company is paying into my Superannuation?

A: Your Super contributions are listed on your pay slip. If you cannot see them ask your company why.

Q: Where do I find out how much Super I have?

A: First, you need to know what company you are with. If you don’t know, ask your company accountant, the person who prepares your pay for the company. Once you know that you can call the Super company and ask. They will tell you how access the information on the internet so that you can keep track of your contributions any time.

Q: My company is in financial trouble. What should I do to find out if the company has been paying my Super contributions?

A: The first step is to check your pay slip. If there is nothing on it about Super payments, go to accounting department and ask what they are doing about your Super payments.  If you can’t get a satisfactory answer you should call the ATO and explain the situation to them. They will do all they can to help you.

Q: I’m worried if I go to the company accounting department to ask about my Super the company might fire me.

A: If you are worried that the company is in financial trouble and your Super contributions have not been made, what have you got to lose? It is likely the company will be out of business soon anyway.  So don’t be afraid to ask. You might even get your money!

Q: My company has not been paying my Super contributions for the last two (or X amount) years. What can I do about it?

A: Take any documentary evidence you may have to the company Management first to discuss it with them. If they refuse to discuss it, or if they cannot explain why they have not paid you should go to your Superannuation company and notify them. They will guide you what to do next.

Q: How do I choose a Financial Adviser?

A: Even though we answer this question in our FAQ page, there is a simple answer. Choose one who is qualified and has enough experience that they can point to their successes. And ask them if they have invested their money into the instruments they recommend to their clients.

Thoughts About Future Financial Needs

Q: How can I plan for my retirement? Is there a way to increase my financial situation?

A: There is no standard formula, but these are some suggestions you can follow to create a better future:

  1. Track expenses and cut spending
  2. Downsize
  3. Change mindset about money – don’t need as much money as we think. What can you cut out, like air-cons, cheaper cars, etc
  4. Focus on increasing income
  5. Choose friends who share the same goals – people who are achievers and want to create a better life

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