About Us

We are a partnership of individuals with over 100 years’ combined knowledge and experience in finance, IT, marketing and real estate. We combine these skills to find potential clients for Financial Planners.

Mike-gold-tieMike Holt is our Sales and Marketing Manager. Mike has over 40 years experience in sales, marketing, real estate and IT. Mike began his career in the RAAF where he qualified as a communications specialist. He put these skills to use during the Vietnam War in north eastern Thailand where he was engaged in signals intelligence and maintaining communications between ground and air forces.

On returning to Australia Mike worked in publishing and commercial radio for several years before moving to Thailand where he set up three very successful businesses; a professional education company to teach business writing, an IT company, and a Real Estate business. He sold his businesses and returned home in 2009 to retire but soon found that fishing and surfing were not challenging enough. Since then he has worked in real estate, insurance sales, IT and website design, recording radio programs, jingles and music in his studio.

Mike has teamed up with two old friends with years of experience in real estate, finance and marketing. Together, they make a formidable and very effective team.

Because we understand the financial planning industry we are able to ask the right questions to ensure that any referrals we pass on to FP’s have the money to invest and they are looking for professional advice to help them grow their investment portfolio, manage their finances, mitigate their taxation, and plan for the future of their estate.

Our goal is to act as a valued partner with our clients to introduce you to new business, saving you time and a lot of difficult work finding the right people to do business with.

At the same time, we will provide helpful articles on our website about the Financial Planning industry, government regulations, market conditions, new technology, and much more. Our aim is to make this website the “go to” place for the latest information to help your business.




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